The Christian educators of  Our Lady of Prompt Succor Central School believe that “Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church” (To Teach as Jesus Did).  Our Lady of Prompt Succor Central School strives to provide its students with a spiritual climate that fosters a love of God and promotes the beliefs and traditions of our Catholic faith.  This is achieved through the interaction of the priests, religious, and laity.  The educational environment is one that is nurturing and supportive of students through the many developmental stages of childhood.  Our Lady of Prompt Succor Central School pledges a firm commitment to academic excellence and seeks to promote the concept that learning is a life-long process.  The curriculum and methodologies are continually adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.

The faculty and staff aim to promote quality education in a well-rounded curriculum, rooted in Gospel values in an atmosphere of firm love and respect.  The teacher’s role is to facilitate learning by organizing classroom instruction and activities to provide a wide range of learning experiences that meet the individual needs of our students.  The basic skills of learning and effective communication which foster creative thinking, active leadership, acceptance of responsibilities, and a positive self-image are stressed.  The faculty and staff of Our Lady of Prompt Succor Central School are committed to professional and spiritual growth and strive to build a deep faith community.

It is our commitment to help each student learn to respect the person of Christ in self and others.  Our students are taught to respect and value their rights, as well as the rights of others, thereby encouraging them to become Christian leaders. We aim to help them grow in the service of God, Church, country, and community.  The student is the primary agent in learning and has the responsibility for being receptive to the learning opportunities offered.  In this way, the students can be challenged to reach the full potential of their God-given gifts.

Parents are the primary educators who share with Our Lady of Prompt Succor Central School the responsibility of their child’s education.  Involvement is both welcomed and encouraged through close family contact at all developmental stages.  Parents are responsible for their child’s spiritual growth and are obliged to attend Mass and receive the sacraments regularly as a family.

“Catholic schools are unique expressions of the Church’s effort to achieve the purposes of Catholic education among the young.  They are the most effective means available to the Church for the education of children and young people.”(Sharing the Light of Faith #232)